The CMW blog has moved!

I have some very exciting news to share... I've finally moved my blog + done a complete redesign! The new blog can be found at  and I'm so excited for you to head on over there and take a look at the beautiful-ness of it!

All new posts will be written up over there & I hope you come over and follow the journey of my business + life :D 

I hope you love it just as much as I do! 

Have a great day + hope to meet you on the beach soon! 



I'm so excited to finally have this new website design up and I wanted to share on my blog as well. It's actually been about 1.5 years in the making as it was a do-it-yourself project, done by yours truly. DEFINITELY a labour of love.

Here's a peek into what it used to look like:

And THIS is what the new version looks like:

Cherry May Ward Photography website, Koh Samui wedding photographer,

Feel free to take a look around, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself while stopping by my online 'home' ;) 

It's SO HARD for me to choose, but if you would like a shortcut navigating the site, here are some of my favorite pages:

YAY, thank you for stopping by to ready and I hope you love my site as much as I do! <3 

Have a lovely day!


[engagement] Kerry + Charles, Anantara Bophut and Ban Tai Beach, Koh Samui

Kerry and Charles were referred to me by one of my awesome past clients (now friend!), so we instantly became friends as soon as we met! They have been together almost 11 years and are now planning their wedding somewhere in Asia, destination still undecided. I am SO happy to have had the chance to meet and become friends with these lovely people!  <3

Anantara Bophut, Koh Samui pre-wedding, Pre wedding, Wedding Samui

pre wedding photos at Anantara Bophut, Anatara Bophut wedding photos, Koh Samui wedding photographer

[How to] CMW - How to avoid feeling overwhelmed during your wedding planning!

Wedding planning can be such a HUGE deal for brides (and couples, or whoever is doing more of the planning), especially the kinds of wedding I'm involved in (destination weddings, in Thailand) where there can be even more to think about than a regular wedding close to home.

You see, being a young wedding photographer living and working in Thailand, I luckily get to discuss these sorts of things with my brides and industry peers and I've come to realise that wedding planning can actually get really overwhelming, really easily if you're not careful and don't know where to look.   Of course overwhelmed means stressed and stress CAN mean no fun and everyone wants to be the fun, happy and carefree bride!  If you're well organised, can narrow it down, and know what you want your big day to be, I'm sure your wedding day will end up oozing the very air that you dream it will have!

how to avoid feeling overwhelmed during your wedding planning, simple wedding planning, easy wedding planning ideas, simple wedding planning ideas for destination brides,

[CMW] My passion...

When I was 15 or 16 or so, I picked up an SLR camera for the first time. It was my sisters'.

All I remember is that it felt good, and I felt passionate about taking photographs. At the time I wasn't any good, of course but I remember this one time when we were out at a party with my dad and a family friend who was into photography gave me some of the first tips which really helped me... "Put your camera into 'M' (or Manual Mode) and don't turn it back"... and I'm so grateful for that because ever since I've had my cameras in 'M' it has pushed me to learn more about photography and improve on my mistakes a lot in the early stages.

[CMW] Hi everyone, I'm Cherry... your wedding or love story photographer in Thailand!

Good afternoon... I decided to join a blogging challenge called the Feel Good Blogging Challenge which will require me to write a post each day for the next 7 days! How exciting!

In this first post I'll be introducing... me! So, here we go!

Hi, I'm Cherry as you might already know :) I'm a photographer based in Thailand on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui (although right now I'm on holiday visiting my family in Australia!), however I LOVE to travel and love it when clients book a destination wedding or love story session anywhere else in Thailand! I live with my boyfriend, Nek (who is in Australia with me right now) and between us both, we own 3 businesses, so it can get a little busy at times ;) I have loved photography since I was young and I wouldn't be happier doing anything else for a living! Wedding days are so much fun and I love spending the time to get to know my clients leading up to their big day so that by the time their wedding day does come around, we're great friends already! 

I started blogging a few months before I had started up my business to get a feel for writing, which is probably about 2 years ago now! I'll let you in on a secret, and that is that I actually used to dislike blogs and was kind of scared to start my own, as I thought they were all just to talk, talk and talk about yourself for others to read... however as soon as I started reading some of the other blogs out there I realised that most blog posts are actually quite informative in which ever topic the writer is writing about, and of course, that blogs are great marketing tools (apparently google loves blog posts!) as well. So I knew having a blog would be a great way to put my work out there for my future clients to see and also for them to get to know me a little as sometimes I mix in some personal blog posts as well about my daily life in Thailand.

[travel] CMW Photography in Australia!! Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne, here we come!

Did you know... CMW Photography is heading to Australia?

I am happy to announce that I'll be offering Love Story Photography sessions in the following locations over these two months!

Cairns - 15th October 
Sydney- 7th November
Melbourne - 17th November

Share blog post with anyone you think might like a Love Story Photography session!

Thailand Wedding Photographer travelling to Australia, travels to Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney

To past, present, and future clients: you have made my job a dream come true and I can't believe I get to live the life I LOVE in Thailand and be lucky enough to visit my family back in Australia as well! Thank you so much!