Saturday, February 15, 2014

[personal] The Best Valentines / Makaboocha Day Ever :)

Dear future self,

I'm writing this because I want you to be looking back one day and let this post put a smile on your face like it was yesterday (which it was yesterday, as of today, ha!)... and let this post remind you to chill out, if only once in a while, and let this post remind you to love more fully and be more grateful, as often as possible :)

In the evening we were in Maenam about to go to the temple for Makaboocha Day, and I was surprised when Nek asked the lady at the shop how much one of the bunches of flowers were, ha! In my head I was thinking 'Nek, those aren't the flowers you buy to take around the temple'..  After getting our actual bunch of daisies, incense and candles (times two), he turned to the lady and bought the bunch of flowers and then gave them to me!

I even tried to make him give them back before accepting them, haha! They were too expensive! (It's easy to tell who is the cheap-o of the two of us!)

When Nek said "I worked hard to buy these for you" and I just melted :)

Here we are at the temple for Makaboocha :)

He also surprised me by getting me a dolphin tail pendant which I love :)

The rest of the night we spent with the boys who work with us from Mini Bar and one of their girlfriends, it was so much fun eating until we couldn't eat anymore and then going to Bon Neun, a place known for their teas and laughing until we were all about to all fall asleep.

I hope you had a happy valentines day, where ever you were in the world.



Friday, January 31, 2014

[CMW] Referral LOVE

To my dearly beloved past and current clients & who have become FRIENDS,

I've always wanted a way to THANK everyone who loves my work enough to refer me to their friends or family... so today I'm really excited to announce my very own way of giving back!!

Cue... drumroll (or dance music, which ever floats your boat) ...

I'm so excited to be offering 20 free prints from your photography session with me, when a friend or family member you referred books me as their photographer!

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Haha, please ignore the cracked walls from our bungalow ;)

BUT feel free to LOVE my work desk!!! Nek and I had it hand made last October out of old wood & I'm so in love with it! Perfect size, awesome colours... it INSPIRES me :D

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SO... the details about these babies....

You can choose your favourite size from:

7x7cm square

7x8.2cm rectangle - similar to pictured with the white space below the photo like a polariod :)

6.5x10cm rectangle - same as above :)

9.5x14cm rectangle - pictured :D

I LOVE these little cuties, because there are SO many ways you can use them :)

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Right now I've got a stack of them propped up against my flowers & candle on my work desk.

But you could totally find some ideas on Pinterest! I found a few I like and want to do myself, actually.

Happy Chinese New Year!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

[vow renewal] Ashley & Dominic, Crystal Bay & The Kala, Koh Samui

Last November I had the absolute amazing honour of photographing Ashley & Dominic's 10 year anniversary vow renewal. Ashley is my kinda woman. Quirky, upbeat and so much FUN to be around ;) Apparently she wasn't 100% on the day but I knew nothing of it until she told me afterwards!

They decided to renew their wedding vowels at Crystal Bay where the sand is white & water soft blue. Their wedding ceremony was intimate and for just the two of them. And as soon as Ash and Dom recommitted to each other, we popped open some bubbly to celebrate!

I met Ash and Dom at the Kala, their resort where they were getting ready not too far from where their ceremony took place & we started the party there with some music we all agreed was awesome. ;)

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Ashley is a very talented professional hair and makeup artist back in the UK, and I think I might have just been able to convince her and Dom to move here for a bit... I can't wait!

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Ashley's dress was from Monsoon, and she had the neckline and back modified to suit her style a bit more and I have to say, I love it!!

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It wasn't long before we headed over to Crystal Bay where Natalie had made this beautiful little set up for the ceremony.

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This headpiece!  I have to say it's one of the most gorgeous things I've seen. Ashley MADE it herself, better believe it! Ohhh the many talents she's got ;)

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Ohhhh.... for the love of sun, pretty palm leaves and flowers. :)

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Adorable together, you two!

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Time to celebrate!!

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Ahhh, I love the Crystal Bay sunsets!

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Aughhh, how GORGEOUS is Ashley?!

Ahhh, I love these two photos! X

I took along this to the beach sign which Nek made for me a few months ago & we loved using it as a prop :)

Hi-fiving to the end of an awesome day & awesome teamwork haha ;)

To view more from Ashley & Dominic's beautiful wedding, please feel free to watch the slideshow below or click here.

Many thanks to the wedding team who did an amazing job!
Planning & styling - Natalie of Partners Samui
Hair and Make Up - Asley Kay Gifford of Primp Powder Pout
Celebrant: Gavin Marsh
Wedding dress - Monsoon
Videography - Samui Memory Productions
Slideshow music - The Music Bed
Photography - Cherry May Ward

I'm excited to add that Ashley & Dominic's vow renewal was FEATURED on the wonderful UK wedding blog, Beyond/Beyond!

Happy Sunday! xx